Sometime travel on GOT takes forever - Sam's trip to the
by 1978Irish (2017-07-17 11:59:06)
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  In reply to: Liked it generally but two things bugged me  posted by shawno3

Citadel - and sometimes it happens instantly - Varys goes from Meereen to Dorn and back in a matter of days.

It looks like Sam will find what he needs in the library in a matter of days when it should take months or even years.

Sam left the Wall before Jon was killed. Unless he got the news about Jon dying and defeating Ramey, he should think Jon is still at the wall.

Arya got from Bravos to the Twins in record time. I am guessing she will turn around and get to Winterfell quickly.

It seems like most things should take much more time. It is a pretty minor issue now. They have to finish the story and will probably have to take some liberties. It is sci-fi/fantasy after all.


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