Allergies in dog -- not happy with vet's strategy
by LondonDomer (2017-07-17 11:31:44)
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We recently adopted a new dog. He's a three year old Mastiff mix and is an awesome, friendly and lazy pup.

He was pretty mistreated in his past life, and his coat and skin was pretty rough. He was on prednizone before we got him, but came off about a week pre-adoption. We noticed he was itching a lot (to the point of opening sores) and then noticed he had a lot of small bumps, mostly on the sides of his hind legs.

We didn't have an established vet in our new area, so we reads reviews and made an appointment.

The vet advised we switch him to a different food (he was on a grain free chicken variety) to something without poultry. She recommended Purina Active Salmon for Sensitive Skin. So we did that. She also put him on a very expensive medication (Apoquel -- it's about $3/pill and he's taking three pills a day). We've seen some improvement in how much he's itching, but the hives are still present.

This medication is only an anti-itch med and not an allergy med.

Has anyone dealt with something like this? My understanding is there are allergy tests for dogs? Or is there any way to treat the actual condition rather than just mask the symptom (in this case the itching)?


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