Lots of good bits below
by Wooderson (2017-07-17 08:09:46)
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  In reply to: Winter comes for the Freys indeed  posted by El Kabong

Also, I took definite note of the dagger illustrated in the book Sam stole. Chekov's gun is loaded and cocked.

Nice symmetry of the two queens standing by/on the maps of Westeros.

Hound and the BwoB gonna wreck shop. Cleganebowl imminent.

Dragonstone full of Dragonglass, scratch Checkov's gun, we've got Chekov's armory in play. Obviously it'll result in a Dany/Jon meeting, that ought to be interesting.

Man, they got through a lot of stuff in an hour, they might even have the horn of Joramun in play. This is fun.


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