07/15: Pete Lewis' birthday (07/10: Jerry Miller's birthday)
by art fern (2017-07-15 21:01:17)
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On July 10th, I was not able to youtube the video by Jerry Miller of Moby Grape. After all, there was Mavis Staples, Arlo Guthrie, and Dave Smally birthdays of which I had to contend. Others birthdays that I had to blow off on July 10 were Ian Whitcomb (one hit wonder), Ronnie Dio (lead singer of multiple bands), Neil Tennant (lead singer of the Pet Shop Boys), etc as well as Jerry Miller.

Peter Lewis wrote this; and, if I am not mistaken, he was the lead singer. Moby Grape had five lead singers, though Bob Mosley was a lead most often.

This had a bluesy feel to it. Jerry Miller was the lead guitarist for Moby Grape. What a wonderful lead guitarist he was.

Julian Bream
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Bream and John Williams did several duet albums...
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...with some sensational arrangements of piano pieces by Granados and others--the first one I ever had was an RCA LP that came out in '73. (In case anyone else reads this and is confused--I refer to John Williams, the Australian classical guitarist and student of Segovia--not the film music composer).

Back in the early 80s a good friend of mine and I tried our hand at some of these duets and had a lot of fun making a hash out of them. A lot of this Spanish and Central/South American incidental music for piano transfers very well to the guitar. These composers were classically trained and thus imbued with the tradition of western art music (Villa-Lobos prelude 3, which is the first of the pair in the video you presented, is captioned as a "homage to Bach"); but at the same time celebrated all of the popular dance forms and many folk tunes.

Here are Bream and Williams playing an arrangement (by the famous guitarist Miguel Llobet) of Spanish Dance 11 by Granados. For some reason I've always felt like this was music for a still summer night, about midnight.

You keep me on track with the classical birthdays and
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Atticus keeps me on track with the jazz birthdays.

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