should I see a Dr. (always an intersting read)
by vivaflanner (2017-03-20 21:41:34)
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Now I know the answer is usually yes, but this is different. I dont have a festering boil, or a leg that locks up or some case where the answer is obvious.

On to the situation:

About 30 years ago, I fired a .357 Magnum w/o ear protection. Result was a ringing in my left ear since that day. For the last 29 years or so, this ringing was pretty faint. For the most part, I couldnt hear it without covering my ear and listening for it. When I drank a lot it would get louder, but always recede when I sobered up. Also would be louder for a short period after being in a noisy environment like a nightclub, concert or sporting event. Always receded overnight tho.

In the 6-9 months or so, it rings louder all the time. I can hear it walking outside, sitting in my office etc. I can still hear outside sounds ok, but its definitely annoying.

Only change over the last year I can think of is that I started taking allopurinol and tart cherry extract for high uric acid/gout. But I dont remember a direct correlation, ie I didnt observe my ringing louder when I started allopurinol. Then again, the allopurinol dose was titrated very slowly over several months, so who knows?

Anyhow, any cause to see a ENT doc? Should I ask my rheumatologist to try me on a different gout med (the allopurinol is working very well)


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