I agree with ACross on this one.
by beattherush (2017-03-20 12:01:45)
Edited on 2017-03-20 12:18:43
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  In reply to: Thanks and a question for the group  posted by El Kabong

Back a few years ago, we had more of this kind of thing, on both the PBR and Back Room. I don't make recommendations often here but had made one -- think it was short RIMM at 64 -- as a response to a request for ideas. ACross took me to task for it.

That trade turned out to be highly lucrative if one had the guts to stick it out. And nothing I've recommended here has ever not worked out well. But I have come to believe that ACross was still correct in calling me out.

At the end of the day, this is an anonymous message board, and the posters here may mean well but don't always (hi WinterCeltic). And even if they do, they sometimes just get it wrong. People tend to overweight posting here because of the Notre Dame affinity and a strong sense of community. No matter the disclaimers, some will make investment decisions based on recommendations here. Some of those will turn out poorly. And there will be a lot of bad blood down the line because of it.

That sort of thing can be vetted, but that's well beyond the scope of current BoardOps time or expertise. And it needs to be surrounded by board expectations about financial issues that are not in place here.

There are other forums where such advice is readily available and well moderated (by folks with financial issues expertise). I think we're better off making referrals to those places than endorsing financial conversation here.


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