If the purpose is to discuss general financial themes
by 89Swine (2017-03-19 21:40:09)
Edited on 2017-03-20 06:56:28
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  In reply to: Thanks and a question for the group  posted by El Kabong

like economics, interest rates, and broad market performance, I think that is sufficiently and appropriately covered by the Political Board and Back Room. If the purpose is to discuss specific personal financial strategies or techniques, I don't think a separate board would be very effective. Like medical and legal advice, proper financial advice is based on each individual's unique circumstances. It would be difficult to get enough background to make good recommendations and could easily lead to well-intentioned, conflicting advice. Then discussion would devolve into a pissing match as each poster would advocate for the strategy that worked best for their own particular situation.

While I like most AZDomer's posts, his gold bullshit was reckless and likely caused financial harm to anyone who got sucked into his delusion.


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