How do the 'financial advisor" shows manage to stay on
by 88_92WSND (2017-03-19 20:56:48)
Edited on 2017-03-19 20:58:14
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the radio. I'm not talking about the decent ones where they actually address questions about an array of topics. I'm talking about the ones like "Total Wealth Radio" and "Hidden Wealth Solutions" where it's basically a 30 or 60 minute shill for one product or investment 'solution'.

"The Hidden Wealth Solution provides clients with the most effectively tailored wealth building strategy we know. This strategy is used by the ultra-wealthy, former U.S. presidents and industry icons.

It is the top-tested strategy for building and keeping wealth. This strategy ensures that our client’s financial safety, liquidity and potential are secured"

The 'advice' they offer is horrendous.


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