It's a bad idea IMO
by DBCooper (2017-03-19 20:38:04)
Edited on 2017-03-19 20:40:59
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  In reply to: Thanks and a question for the group  posted by El Kabong

As JT below alluded to, any financial "expert" would not be able to discuss any specific investment ideas. No disclaimer you give would matter. These are FINRA rules and no person who has a Series 7 should take a chance of the remote possibility that it is discovered that he/she is giving advice. Don't get me started on how a Series 24 professional would view such a board (after becoming one my self I am now scared of everything, but that's a different story)
Posts here are considered "retail communication" and thus suitability laws are instantly kicked in on any recommendation. We are lucky we are exempted from getting preapproval just to post. This is why many of the "experts" only discuss macro themes and stay away from specific recommendations in the open forum. And I don't think passwords and logins would prevent that fear.

In addition, in my opinion political issues and financial themes are so intertwined that to separate the two would reduce the discussion of various topics. How do you discuss mortgage rates without talking about Fed policy and the possibility of Trump picking a new Fed chairperson for example.

I like the political board as it is and although it certainly can get personal and off topic sometimes I think the economic discussions are usually much more civil and mature. I thought it was upsetting when ufl started to take some of his thoughts to the back room recently for example.

Just my 2 cents but if there were a new board I certainly would stay away on most topics. I don't consider myself an expert however. Just one of the dummies on Wall Street

And I would assume lawyers and Drs would feel the same way, though they may have different legal obligations to worry about. That i wouldn't know.


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