by Bluntschli (2017-03-19 18:26:44)
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  In reply to: Escapism, but uncomfortable at times  posted by knutesteen

The video game aspect is one criticism. Another is that many action shots felt really contrived. I was taken out of the movie by sudden images of the director saying "wow this shot would be really cool - I want you to do this special flip with this gun." Obviously every action movie is chock full of scenes like that, but something about the editing made each one really stand out. Like there was a beat before and after the action, instead of being edited seamlessly in quick succession. It kind of felt like Keanu's physical limitations played into that somehow, too. Like the continuous flipping, rolling and fighting just couldn't be filmed seamlessly. Speaking of which, it really ended up feeling like the same five fights over and over. Obviously a consequence of the desired death toll - at some point it has to get monotonous. But after 20 minutes in - we get it, guys, Keanu knows BJJ.

My biggest complaint, though, was Wick's stupidity. At this point, though, I'm beginning to wonder if he is supposed to be some kind of idiot savant. He kept asking Winston and the other guy questions that as a member of that culture, he really should have known the answers to (sorry grammar). And then seemed really surprised when the obvious was pointed out to him.

So for example, in the opening scene - why ruin your car trying to "steal" it if you're capable of walking in and killing everyone, then drive it away?

Why do something you don't want to do (taking a job) because of the dire consequences, kill someone you don't want to kill, when you're still facing equally dire consequences because she has a seat at the table - and then end up facing the direst of all consequences - just to kill the same guy you wanted to kill in the first place?

And it wasn't just Wick. I really felt like I spent the entire film asking myself why this character was doing this dumbass thing.

Also, the scene at the end where every person in that entire park is revealed to be a part of this society? Meh.

Sorry, this post is probably pretty incoherent, just knocking it out on my phone pretty quick. I'm sure when it's streaming I'll do a double feature and reassess.


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