Thanks and a question for the group
by El Kabong (2017-03-19 17:09:45)

First, my appreciation to HTown and the other credit card rewards experts. The 50k from the SWA Plus card I got has me at over 95k points. I couldn't get the Premier since I've already got one, but company-related purchases in the next couple months have me assured of getting to Companion Pass by this summer. I also managed to get the Sapphire just under the wire to qualify for the 100k, and once it arrives tomorrow, I'll be well on my way towards that.

Second, and on a perhaps tangentially related note, a suggestion was made to the Ops that we establish a Finance Board, which I suppose would be an offshoot of the Back Room. As the suggester put it, he would "trust the insights from ND finance professionals more than what [he] sees fro
m other websites", and believes it would generate a high volume of traffic. We would caveat such a board with the usual disclaimers about nothing being professional advice with fiduciary responsibility and all that, of course.

What are the thoughts of the group?