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by The Holtz Room (2017-03-18 23:23:11)
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  In reply to: John Wick 1 and 2. Help me out here.  posted by Bluntschli

John Wick 1 was awesome. Finally we saw a movie when some flunky doesn't pop off a shot after being hit b/c Mr. Wick double-taps everybody. We are taken through a solid story with a high body count. My only complaint was gramps faring a little too well at the end. Since that was at the end of a hell of a day for Wick, I can let that go.

John Wick 2 is a bit of a victim of the original. With everything that made 1 great, how do you top that? 1) a fun "resolution" to 1's story. 2) higher body count. 3) THAT'S how the pencil works hung works! After that, you are left with a movie you've seen before. So many movie goers are looking for something "new". Those that aren't, well that's why the 8th "Fast and the Furious" installment is hitting theaters.

Perhaps the movie was too familiar and that's why you didn't like it.

I liked 2. I gave it a B. I probably would watch it if it was on HBO. It's nothing I'd add to my library (I do own the first).

If you are looking for recent, truly horrible films, I suggest "The Lobster" and "After the Wizard".


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