Are you referring to the cops and firefighters
by Wooderson (2017-03-18 16:20:41)
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  In reply to: Why do so many Italian-Americans act like violent drunks  posted by captaineclectic

Who pass out face down and shit themselves (in full uniform, I may add) on the UES in the basement staircases of six-floor walk ups on side streets? Because i love having their female attendants yell "what the fuck do you think you're looking at!?" at me as I walk home from work on said glorious day. Irish Apache has assured me that they are not NYPD or FDNY, so at least that's good.

Such is life at the north end of the parade route. Twelve years in, I've learned not to go to bars up there, because the fact that I don't have some sort of uniform on means I'm some sort of bad word phrase and I should watch myself if I don't want to get beat up.


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