Long, rambling experience insid
by Irishrock (2017-01-11 23:44:26)
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  In reply to: It's a crazy, but fun, experience *  posted by DBCooper

'92, we were in Europe for 80 days. London landing...up to Scotland, over to Ireland, up to Netherlands, Scandinavia, to Greece, then to Portugal....you get the idea. We were those four guys with backpacks, Eurrails, sleeping bags, and tents. We probably smelled the entire trip.

We arrived in Pamplona at 2:00 in the afternoon. We had no idea what we were doing and so we got roasted chickens and beers and sangria and partied while the rest of te town slept. We had no clue. The next morning we were raring to go to run with the Bulls. We were 22 years old. We do are deal and obey the rules....all except Jason. He keeps running through the exit and runs through the bull fight entrance with a bull on each side. He's 6'3" and 235 lbs. and looks like Hades running through Hell with a couple of "devil dogs" on each side. The next day, there are posters handing in the streets with him and the bulls on each side as he enterrs...it was that badass of a picture. (10 years later buddies return and the same posters are all over Pamplona...it was that badass of a scene). So we party all day long and then go to a bowl fight that night. We get two tickets quickly and have to negotiate for two more...it was a struggle until we find a regal looking gentleman who I negotiate with for 30 minutes before he tells me the tickets are free (damn my Spanish speaking teacher)

So I went back this past year. I hiked the Camino Trial for two and a half days with one of the buddies and we each brought our oldest daughter. The girls didn't care after the opening fireworks. They went back and spent the day using the condo's wifi. My buddy and I spent the day buying young people's calle mocho and beer (sort of re-paying people who bought us beer on our trip).

Pamplona and San Fermin is an absolute blast....certainly one of those "best parties on the planet" in early July moments. I happen to find Australians hilarious and their attitudes funny/wonderful. Well, you will find a million of them in Pamplona.

Sorry for the rambling, i just love Europe and all the crazy passionate things that people do over there.


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