MIL advice requested.
by stevec28 (2017-01-11 17:09:18)
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MIL emailed me today that with my wife's b-day coming up, MIL is interested in getting my wife a virtual reality headset for her phone. She's asking me for advice on which one to get and, since I know nothing about VR headsets, I tell her that I appreciate her thinking of me as a tech expert, but I know nothing about VR because while I'm somewhat interested in the tech I have no time for it.

I did not tell her that's the most ridiculous gift idea in the world, because not only is her daughter the mother of three kids aged 6 and under and has no time for it, she is not interested in tech in the least and, in fact, has expressed concerns about VR and people using it to escape reality.

Query is, should I tell her these things in a nice way or just let her spent $30-40 on a cheapie VR headset that will only get used by me or the kids if it ever is?


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