I was in Pamplona for San Fermin this summer
by Irishrock (2017-01-11 16:06:42)
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  In reply to: Anyone have any thoughts on being a matador as a career? *  posted by Frank Drebin

I ran with them in '92...it was a great experience. We went to the bull fights that night. People would ask about them and I would tell them, "the bulls don't have a chance"

Not this year. It was not in Pamplona, but it was during the timeframe of the festival that a guy was killed by the bull while his model girlfriend was in the stands. I don't know if the guy screwed up or the bull was extra strong/special/angry.

I know your original post was made in jest, but a matador's job is probably safer than driving out of a high school parking lot on Friday afternoon


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