The NCAA's have been fiddling with the rules for
by steelhop (2017-05-23 11:24:22)
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  In reply to: Faceoffs????  posted by ibleedgreen

face-offs for the last 10 years. I thought the rules prior to the current set worked pretty well. Now, the current rules allow the complete domination of one guy over another unlike almost any other one-v-one sport.

But, I wrote this down below that the way to minimize face-offs is to put shot clock in. Make 60 seconds after hitting the box. That gives plenty of time to sub guys out and run some offensive sets.

The specialization by face-off men have made face-offs win percentages absurd. Just 10 years ago, Hopkins was winning with guys that stayed on the field. There should be no way a guy/team wins 21 of 22 face-offs. They need to get the wings back in play instead of the domination that like that.

But a shot clock helps. Take for example when the score was 2-1 - Denver at the start of the 2nd quarter. Denver held the ball, took some shots but not one would I call in a highly threatening area but it was enough to keep the stall call off. There is no reason a team should be rewarded with possession of the ball for 4 minutes without putting it on cage.


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