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by tf86 (2017-05-22 10:08:56)
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  In reply to: I would think the coach would be aware of this  posted by 96_ND

Face-offs have been a weakness for quite some time. Our next biggest weakness is with EMOs on offense. A propensity for turnovers -- particularly off unforced errors -- is also a weakness, albeit not quite as glaring as the others I have mentioned.

We are among the best in the country in settled 6-on-6 defense, and have been for quite some time. In recent years, our offense has started to catch up to our defense, and we are now at near-elite, if not elite, status in settled 6-on-6 offensive opportunities.

As others have alluded to, certain teams just seem to have our number. Denver, of course, is the one that jumps out at you, and it's also true to a lesser extent of Duke, North Carolina and Syracuse. OTOH, we beat two of the teams in this year's Final Four, and besides this year's regular season-finale OT loss to Army, I'm at a loss as to the last time we lost to any team not named Denver, Duke, North Carolina or Syracuse (I'm thinking Loyola in the 2012 tournament semifinals, worth noting that Loyola was the #1 seed that year).

I love this program's consistency, but I wish that we could get over the top, if only just once.


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