Tend to agree
by Domer65 (2017-05-21 10:06:52)
Edited on 2017-05-21 10:26:28
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  In reply to: He's a good coach, not an elite coach  posted by Irishset

I made a similar post a few weeks ago and got taken to the woodshed by Corrigan supporters.
I think Corrigan is a very good coach but I honestly don't ever see him winning a NC. Tierney has his number. My main issue, besides annual mediocre faceoff performance and self inflicted errors, is that the team doesn't seem to progress throughout the season. The team we saw yesterday was no better than the team we saw very early in the season - little if any overall improvement and little improvement in some players after multiple seasons under Corrigan. Denver and Duke are traditionally much better at the end of the season and I attribute part of this to coaching (yes, I know Duke lost yesterday). We will be in the tournament virtually every year and depending upon the brackets we will see some final 4's. It appears that a NC will be quite a stretch and, with the talent we have, that shouldn't be the case.


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