rule changes
by DavidAddison (2017-05-20 18:26:51)
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  In reply to: They are too important- but DU doesn't win 90% vs everyone  posted by mikeybates

the only time I watch Lacrosse is when ND is in the NCAA tournament. So, those that follow the sport, please tell me what would be wrong with the following two rule changes:

1) after a goal, possession given to the team that gave up the goal, perhaps behind their own net. This would eliminate or diminish the import of face-offs. While hockey has tons of face-offs too, in hockey possession turns over so quickly that center ice face-offs aren't that big of a thing (obviously they are more important in a zone).

2) if you shoot and it goes out the back line, give possession to the defense. I don't understand (unless in the distant past teams were afraid to shoot) why you would want to reward a team for flinging a shot that goes all the way out the back.



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