It is one of the reasons I want a shot clock put in
by steelhop (2017-05-20 16:39:25)
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  In reply to: Batiste  posted by Domer65

The specialization by face-off man has made face-offs absurd win percentages absurd. Just 10 years ago, Hopkins was winning with guys that stayed on the field. There should be no way a guy/team wins 14 face-offs in a row. They need to get the wings back in play instead of the domination that it is.

Take for example when the score was 2-1 - Denver at the start of the 2nd quarter. Denver held the ball took some shots but not one would I call in a highly threatening area but it was enough to keep the stall call off. There is no reason a team should be rewarded with possession of the ball for 4 minutes without putting it on cage.


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