Don't know if there is a good or bad draw - too much balance
by NDoggie78 (2017-05-08 09:21:24)

In reply to: About the worst draw we could've received  posted by ShermanOaksND

FWIW, the talking heads thought we got a good draw.
We have shown over the course of the year that we can beat anyone ...... or lose to anyone. We are 5-4 against teams in the NCAA tourney field.

Of our 5 losses on the season, 3 were by 1 goal. And the other 2 teams that beat ND by more than 1 goal (Duke & NC), we also beat them.

Of course, that's not factoring in the injuries. We are 1-2 without Perc and Garnsey at full strength and we don't know at what capacity they'll be able to play in the tourney.