That's what they do in the women's game now
by naptown (2017-03-16 09:22:10)
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  In reply to: I'd also ask about keeping possession after shot goes out  posted by SixShutouts66

And I think it should be considered in the men's game. The women have a 90 second possession clock in college that starts immediately when their hey get the ball, no matter where it is. It will reset for certain fouls though. I think it's been a great addition to that game. I think stalls ruin the game and so I was glad to see them add it and hope something like that comes to the men's game.

As for alternating possessions, Navy's old coach, Richie Meade has been lobbying for alternating possessions for quite awhile now to speed up the game. Opponents have said that it hurts the chance of FOGO guys to get college scholarships or even find a way to play. I don't think that's enough of a reason to keep the face off though.


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