Possession after a score was attempted in the late 70s
by steelhop (2017-03-13 16:59:48)
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  In reply to: Question about face-offs for people who know lacrosse  posted by mikeybates

and found to be ineffective, resulted in lower scoring games and fewer fast breaks. What will end up happening is teams will swap out their middies and just do a normal ride. Further, you essentially do away with a team's ability to make a comeback on the momentum of winning the face-off.

The issue is that you are watching only the face-off men and not looking at the totality of action. There are three other people involved in the face-off for each team. There is the face-off man and the two wing players. Denver's was better than ND's yesterday. Just look at the last (or second to last) face-off. It wasn't won because Baptiste beat ND's face-off man right off the bat. It was won when Denver's long stick rode ND's player, who was in better position to scoop the ball, preventing ND's guy from scooping the ball. Baptiste then picked it up. It was excellent technique and teamwork.

Your argument is similar to one that says we should get rid of kick-offs.


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