There's ways to deal with it.
by goirish43 (2017-03-12 19:38:38)
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  In reply to: Question about face-offs for people who know lacrosse  posted by mikeybates

you could ask this same question about any sport with skilled positions like football even. Think of it as special teams. The fact of the matter is Notre Dame should adjust and be recruiting aggressively face off specialists and practicing face offs constantly. The recent rule changes have actually made it harder for faceoff guys to be even more dominant by penalizing early play and the cheating that is and was such a big part of the face off game. Today, corrigan should have adjusted more aggressively and put two poles on the wing as he did; considered putting in a large midfielder like Sergio to jam on baptists hands or arms and just slow him down or hurt him; or deal with losing face offs in the second half and focus on everyone getting back to the hole to play good team defense. Additionally, he could have extended the offensive possessions in the second half to burn time and deal with losing so many face offs Nd needs to adjust if they are going to find more success and win a championship. Lacrosse is a game of possession.


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