TBD. Last year was an absolute comedy of errors
by steelhop (2017-02-26 14:04:47)
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  In reply to: You'd know better than I, so I'll ask...  posted by flanner96

They did get in a couple of top offensive players this year that have contributed some already but there were many other problems last year.

The team had all kind of issues before the season even started. The offense was going to carry the team last year because they lost just about everyone defense. But, things went downhill fast on offense.

Their best offensive middie (and clear emotional leader of the team - Tinney) couldn't play because of some type of NCAA suspension. They then proceeded to lose 4 of their next 6 starting offensive middies due to knee injuries. Reed and Concannon before the season even started. Supinski a couple of games in. Someone else. All of those guys are back to a team that only lost Brown from last year's team which contributed greatly to offensive depth.

The offense also was somewhat stagnant deferring to Brown too much last year. He's gone. he was a great player but I think guys just assumed he would do everything. So they are really deep on offense. Running 3 offense sets of middies but they are mixing those guys up some so it is tough to scout.

Goaltending was awful last year. He had the worst save percentage in 40+ years for starting goalie. His bad goaltending was only supplemented by his awful clearing (he played late yesterday and had the only 2 failed clears from yesterday's game and only played 3-4 minutes). Hopkins brought in the grad student from UM and he is starting over last year's kid. Defense is playing more aggressive which has caused more turnovers and more fast breaks which isn't a staple of Petro's offense.

Long story short. They are playing better than last year and have looked good so far. But, long way to go, but, I'm happy with what is going on.


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