Wonder Who Brown Will Hire to Succeed Him?
by dillon77 (2016-06-23 14:00:44)
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  In reply to: And we'll add: Hoo was also a captain for his predecessor ..  posted by hoomanbeing

Both of his assistants, Kip Turner on D and Goal, and Sean Kirwan, are super talented. And both are young..not sure Kirwan is 25 yet and Kip Turner is a bit older, around 29. He may or may not still be playing MLS.

Kirwan is allegedly the architect of the run-and-gun offense that Brown employed and Tufts uses, as well.

And Turner went to UVA, where he played for Starsia (and of course Lars Tiffany played there as well).

Do you take a chance on one of the young guys? Or, here's a thought, bring back Starsia (to his alma mater) to let him coach a year or two?

Permutations are endless....


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