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Height:  5'7 Weight:  182 lbs. Alumni Status:  '94
Location:  Northern Virginia Favorite Baseball Team:  I gave up on baseball. 1994 turned me off.
Natural Enemies:  Miami Dolphin (Fish) fans

Athletic Ability: Limited run and scaled back gym strength training. Punt team for 1992 Keenan Interhall Championship. Longing for the ski slopes but family obligations have prevented me from schussing for many years.

Sartorial Style: Work: Frequently overdressed (tie) for an IT organization. Underdressed for an MBA strategy consultant. Despite the business masters I find comfort in an analyst/consultant role and keeping people guessing about my value and function.

Not at work: Shorts, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Wine: Weekends and some weeknights. More as I age. Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, J Lohr Cabernet Savignon. Like other whites and darker reds. Avoid Chardonnay.

Jameson when I need it's special powers. Went through a bourbon phase after work trips to Kentucky, but I've scaled back.

Beer: Coors Light, Molson, and Labatt's varieties. Not nearly as often as I used to. Usually just during football or if free and no wine is available. Starting to experiment and appreciate limited craft brews after years of shunning them.

Diet Pepsi daily though I've scaled back.

Political Philosophy: Just right of center with libertarian inclinations. Hopeless moderate conservative on most issues amidst the majority of moderate to strong lefty activists in the DC area who haughtily proclaim how successful they will be at "turning Virginia blue."

Religious Philosophy: Lost Catholic who drifted away with divorce, annulment, and turned off by the very conservative Archdiocese of Arlington, Virginia. Not going to ever renounce my affiliation, but I've self-banished myself under the guise that if I'm going to be cafeteria, it's not worth it and there's no way I'm going to force my family to do so. I go to Episcopal services with my family. They are very welcoming, but I remain on the fringe.

Musical Favorites: Variety...pop, 70s, 80s, 90s, classic rock, hard rock metal, Buffett, early alternative, classical, polka, Irish punk drinking, Italian Pavarotti and Bocelli.

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: Philosophy rather than specific quote. W.I.N. "What's Important Now." Lou.

Favorite non-ND coach quote: "Where else would you rather be than RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW?" Marv Levy.

Miscellaneous Data: My golf cart crash in January 1992 in the snow and ice outside the Law School building was due to deliberate reckless driving over an argument with the passenger/dorm mailman regarding that week's upcoming Super Bowl XXVI.

I prefer the NFL to college football. It's just reflective of how it was growing up in my hometown and our love of the Bills.