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Height:  5'8 Weight:  190 lbs. Alumni Status:  Class of '05
Location:  Austin (Houston temporarily) Favorite Baseball Team:  Cincinnati Reds
Natural Enemies:  Incompetence, inefficiency, authority figures

Athletic Ability: Solidly above average (Solid 6?). I played club hockey while in law school, still play in a competitive men's league. Can compete without embarrassing myself in almost any sport, though I don't really excel in anything.

Sartorial Style: Pearl-snaps and khakis.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq: Jameson is my standby whiskey. For beers I'm typically drinking local craft, like Liveoak Hefe or Karbach Saison.

Political Philosophy: Prose before hos.

I tend toward libertarian ideas, though I can't quite go as far as the Libertarian party platform. The broader the jurisdiction a government has, the more limited its powers should be. So, I want tiny government on a large level, but I'm fully OK with massive government on a local level, because it allows people to easily vote with their feet.

I suppose more than anything, I'm a process nut, in two ways: 1) I think that whatever processes we establish, they should be followed consistently without a view to their ends, and 2) If those processes aren't working out how we'd like, we should work within the processes established to modify the processes. I think far too many changes to our societal structure have been made without necessarily amending the constitution to achieve that change. A low level example of the type of thing that really pisses me off -- I'm not sure I disagree with the result of a drinking age of 21, but the way that has been achieved (Federal withholding of state highway funds if the states don't enact the drinking age) is complete bullshit.

Religious Philosophy: Cultural Catholic, but from a religious standpoint, unattached to any particular organization or belief structure. My sympathies lie with the Church, but I can't honestly profess to believe things that are demonstrably false according to every piece of information we have (transubstantiation).

Musical Favorites: Artic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Muse, The XX, Black Angels, Black Crowes, Rihanna, The Killers, Temple of the Dog, Brandi Carlisle, The 7th Floor Crew

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach:

Miscellaneous Data: Porky ribs are delicious. I would like to coach football someday.