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Height:  5'11 Weight:  190 lbs. Alumni Status:  B.S. '99, Flanner/Siegfried
Location:  Baltimore, MD Favorite Baseball Team:  dem O's
Natural Enemies:  Mathphobes and porpoises

Athletic Ability: Somewhere between the Jamaican Bobsled Team and Tecmo Super Bowl Lawrence Taylor

Sartorial Style: Somewhere between Ralph Wiggum (dressed as Idaho) and Barney Stinson.

Favorite Beverage and Consumption Freq:

Political Philosophy: Fiscally conservative, socially moderate (except for abortion)

Religious Philosophy: Religions are mythologies, just like the religions of the Greeks, Romans, Norse, Egyptians, Aztecs, etc.

Musical Favorites: Cleavon Stephens and the Funktown Revue

Favorite Quote from an ND Coach: "Pas avant, pas arriere."--Yves Auriol, P.E. class. No idea if I spelled ANY of that right.

Miscellaneous Data: Tarasco would've caught the ball.