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NDNation NCAA Pool

It's that time of year again, and NDN will again be running pools for both the men's and women's NCAA tournaments.

The pool is open to all active and inactive posters on NDNation. When you access your picks and results, you will be prompted for an ID and password. The ID is your handle in all caps with no spaces. The password is your regular posting password, so be sure to turn caps lock off before entering it. It's the same way you access NDN's chat room.

No money is required to enter, this is a bragging rights thing. Although, once again, El K has offered to give an autographed copy of his book to the winner of the men's pool (provided the person doesn't already own it, cough cough).

Please use your handle on your entry sheet and not your real name. One entry per poster, please.

Picks will be loaded into the system periodically, and El K will post below when picks are updated. If you need to change your picks, just enter a new sheet and it will replace the one you previously entered.

Entry deadline is 11am ET on Thursday for the men and 11am ET on Friday for the women. Don't wait until the last minute and then complain the system didn't take your picks.

To view your picks, select the "Reports/Results" for the applicable pool, select the Player Listing report, find your handle, and click on it.

Reports/Results for Men's Pool

Reports/Results for Women's Pool

Reports show results through games of Saturday, 3/28

Good Luck!

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