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Any of you interested in EPL Fantasy League for 2013/14? by wiNDycityfan

I've used different engines in the past, but I consider Yahoo the most popular and engaging.

For some of you that haven't played, here are some basic features of the Yahoo league:

* You can pick any player you want, regardless whether another fantasy owner has chosen it or not, but you’re bound by a salary cap of 100 points.
* You have I believe until 6AM ET Saturday morning to make your selections, but you’re not forced to make selections every week, as long as you pick and submit 11 players.
* It doesn’t matter whether any of your selected players is benched, or sits out by injury or infraction(s). However, anything but fielding 11 players will score you zero points.
* There’s no head-to-head match among fantasy owners. Season-long cumulative points will claim the winner of the league.
* The scoring is outlined on the site, and obviously determined by how many goals, assists, clean sheets, saves, etc. your players get. Likewise, yellow and red cards will subtract you points.

Email me if interested (by the way, you’ll need a Yahoo email address to sign up and play). I can always create the league right away and test drive the balance of the current EPL season, which would start counting from this Saturday’s matches onwards.