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Back in the 30's Billy Burke built the golf course by ProV1x

and gave the athletic dept. an annual stipend for the upkeep. His only requirement was that the course was to be used by male golfers only. Women were not even allowed to walk the course and spectate.

When my mother, sisters and girlfriend wanted to watch me play in the ND-IU-Purdue Big State Intercollegiate Championship when I was captain of the team in '60 they were told rather harshly to leave the course because women weren't allowed.

They watched as many holes as they could from outside the fence. My IU and Purdue playing partners couldn't believe ND had such a chicken shit rule. I told them that was one of the milder rules undergrads at ND had to keep back then. They were floored when I told them about lights out and bed checks among other harassment.

At one time the Nun who was president of St. Mary's asked Fr. Hesburgh if they could work something out so the St. Mary's girls would be allowed to play the ND golf course. Fr. Ted said it could be done if the horny ND guys could swim in the St. Mary's swimming pool. That ended it.