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It's a funny game. by Coachbob

UConn outplayed ND in the first half as if ND were cones. My friend and I commented that it was the kind of game that could be decided by the referee (i.e., by making a dumb call through not understanding how the game was being played). At the end of the half, ND was awarded a free kick from about 30 yards nearly straight out from the goal through a phantom foul. Bohaboy hit a tremendous shot which nicked the bottom of the crossbar for a goal. At the time, UConn was outshooting ND 11-3 and I couldn't remember the other shots ND had taken. In the second half, ND turned it completely around and tore UConn's hearts out.

In the tournaments, ND will have to put two halves together or they'll be done early. A good team would have scored at will against ND today in the first half without much trouble. UConn is a shadow of their former selves.

And don't leave Marquette out of your reckoning. They are the class of the Big East this year.