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How is baseball in Illinois? by Drew

In checking out the information on Jake Godfrey I cam upon a list of commitments for Illinois high school players. I found different players committed to the Irish for 2012 thru 2014.
The listed players are:
1. Joey Cresta (2012) Plainfield
2. David Hearne (2012) Providence Catholic
3. Mike Hearne (2012) Marist
4. Kutsulis (2012) Providence Catholic
5. Kyle Richardson (2012) Maine South
6. Ryan Lidge (2013 Barrington
7. Jake Godfrey (2014) Providence Catholic
8. Shepski (2014) St. Rita

How good is Illinois ball? Is this report accurate that these are committed recruits or just player hopes? Seems like a lot of players from one area. Also, 3 from Providence. Providence must have a pretty darn good team.