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Tribeca by theblackwatch

In addition to the "loft family" (strollers everywhere) aspect of Tribeca, I guess it's also known for movies being filmed there and a bunch of celebrities with homes in the neighborhood (Gwyneth Paltrow, Jay-Z, etc.). A bunch of top-end restaurants that pride themselves on a "downtown" vibe, too.

Tribeca Citizen has a series of "then and now" pictures of the neighborhood that give a decent sense of what the streets look like and also how anyone who bought real estate in the neighborhood during the 1980s made an absolute killing (a few zip codes in Tribeca now up there as the priciest in the city). The streets up towards Canal (as opposed to down by the World Trade Center) look industrial and almost deserted from the outside, but the inside of most of the lofts in Tribeca are typically very impressive.