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Got it, largely based on recommendations here...very happy by nd94e

Researched a bunch of other home security systems but this one seemed to be the best designed in terms of equipment, security, price point, and flexibility.

As an aside, my wife hit the panic button on the keychain once and the response was remarkably prompt. They call predesignated phone numbers and ask for a disarm password...that way if you're at gunpoint and say "we're fine", but the disarm password is "Irish", they call the police.

We live in a safe neighborhood but the alarm system helps the kids sleep better, and the home insurance premium savings are substantial. One tip when you're ordering, you'll be tempted to buy a lot more than you need. Just get the basics and you can add on later, although I do recommend the 85dB alarm. From what I can read, the biggest deterrent is actually the sign on your front lawn, but a blaring siren will scare most intruders away.