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Yep. Referred to it below. A guy hijacked a bus in Chicago by mkovac

and was giving rides to people up and down North Michigan Avenue. When the cops pulled him over, they arrested him but the DA did not press charges because he was a good Samaritan.

I heard this on WLS the week after the storm.

I remember waking up to two feet of fresh snow. I put on a heavy coat and decided it would be fun to walk from campus to the graveyard on ND Avenue.

It was so silent. The only sound was my labored breathing. My boots were full of snow and I found that my feet were coming out of them and I was overheating in my winter jacket.

I made my way back to Room 247 in BP and promptly gave the jacket away to one of my roommates (Bill Ryan, fellow 1970 grad like you), and never wore those boots in the snow again.