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speaking of cold at ND by mkovac

I was on my way to the Library in January of '67 my freshman year and it was after the big snowstorm that occurred right around finals or just after them.

Snow was piled up everywhere about 2 feet thick in many places.

There was a nicely formed bunker near the main entrance to the Library and some wiseguy ND student had written the following epithet that has always stuck with me: "Many are cold but few are frozen."

I thought that was pretty witty, but wasn't as classic as the surfer wax set of comments written on the Strand wall near 35th Street in Hermosa back in '65.

The first line read, "I like grils."

The next line below it said, "I like girls."

The final line below the second one said, "What about us grils?"

Who said surfers were dumb bunnies?

That was Warren Miller, the great ski movie maker's neighborhood.

My parents rented a house next to theirs for a few years and his son, Scott, who was an excellent surfer had a crush on my sister (the one who went to USC). One time, I found one of his love letters to my sister and I harrassed her to no end, singing the Beatles song because he wrote, under his signature, "P.S. I love you." I was brutal on her for that summer of '66.