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I have never been so happy in my whole life. by Rudy36

Some of you may remember that I recently found out my great aunt, whom married into the family, owns the original two parcels of land my family purchased in this great country of ours. I have tried to convince her to sell it to me or to work out a predetermined sale upon her death. The first 20 acres purchased is a forest that has been in the Certified Family Forest program for the past 70 or so years. The other 80 acres is a farm. She told me should would not sell the farm, but let her heirs know that I'm a buyer when she dies.

This morning, she told me that she would deed over the 20 acres of forest if I promised to keep it in the conservation program and leave it to one of my boys that has a boy. She's giving it to me. The first 20 acres my family bought in this country in 1879. For free.

Now she just needs to stay living long enough to sign the paperwork when I get back from Florida.

God is good. Go Irish. Beat Everybody.

Edit: If you know me in real life, please keep this quiet. I have quite a few relatives that would like to have the same ground. She's entrusting my family's legacy with me and I'm over the moon and had to tell somebody!