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Brian Kelly, Our Very Own Santa Baby by TheBigTS

My sister (Class of '99, living in South Dakota) came up with this crazy idea after the Southern Cal win to rewrite the lyrics to a bunch of traditional christmas songs to be about the Irish season team, record the new lyrics, put them together on an album called 'Irish You A Merry Christmas' and give it away for free and encourage donations be made to Sandy relief efforts via the Notre Dame Club of the Jersey Shore.

It didn't quite turn out like that, and instead, the project produced this fantastic video:

The lyrics were written by Kiah (Class of '14, Louis Nix's girlfriend, who like my sister is from South Dakota) to the tune of 'Santa Baby.'
The vocals were recorded by my coworker Alexa from New Jersey.
The montage was put together by myself (Class of '04).

Check it out as well as the rest of the project at and if you feel inspired to donate, the folks on the shore can definitely use any help they can get rebuilding their towns and homes.