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Steubenville is quite the rat hole. by jakam31

Growing up near there, I have heard quite a bit about this story and some of it is even worse than what is written on that site. In Steubenville, corruption is the rule not the exception when it comes to politics and football in particular. When you combine the two, this is exactly what you get. The girl in question goes to school in another town across the river in WV, so the charges are actually more serious than what they were stated as being.

Normally I would defend a town in the Ohio Valley with vigor but not in this case. I sincerely doubt this is the first time something like this has happened and the only reason is has been brought to the surface is due to the advances in social media; otherwise this likely would have remained an untold story and that is sickening in and of itself. To wit:

Reno Saccoccia is a legend around the town (and to some degree, the state of Ohio) because of his success on the field. He has led teams to state championships and had plenty of his players go onto the Division 1 level. The guy can do no wrong and the booster club is like his own personal Gestapo when it comes to keeping outsiders away from his team. This fall when the media began showing up at practice, the booster club members took turns watching the parking lot at the stadium in order to deter people from asking questions.

The only thing that matters in that town is football. It is a drug-infested dump that has been on the decline since steel took a nosedive and the local economy crashed. High school football is the only thing most people have left to cling onto. It is sad.