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Basically the same as ordering off the menu, as I recall. by Aces-Up

The food was very good, though obviously not Alinea. We had passed appetizers that we chose, salad/soup (don't remember which), entrees (choice of fish, steak, and maybe something else like chicken?), and dessert. The bar can be whatever you want it to be, so we chose a good quality assortment without being crazy, and I think said that if someone wanted something specific that we didn't have that they should go ahead and pour it. Don't remember what particular wine we served with dinner but I do recall that it was pretty good and reasonably priced. Honestly, neither my wife and I nor my folks had any complaints so far as I know...other than that my wife had to marry me the next day. Now this was three years ago, so I can't say what might be different now, but we were very pleased all around and I'd recommend it.