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There are a large number of books here I plan to read by captaineclectic

However I am behind or waiting for trade on several -- Building Stories, the latest Love and Rockets, Hawkeye, Unwritten, the Brian Wood Conan, Walking Dead (I only read this in hardback), and Are You My Mother? will require further attention soon. I'm also like 5 issues back on Sweet Tooth (the latest trade is part of my Christmas haul, but not yet read.)

I'm also "behind" a few issues on Wonder Woman, but that's because I dropped it after the conclusion of the first real arc. At the end of the day Azzarello is a clever but odious writer.

That leaves a small number on which I can credibly voice a positive opinion...which includes xkcd and the Wrinkle in Time adaptation.
Let's leave those out:

8. Godland. Omitted from the online list probably because only a single issue was released in 2012, but I don't care. I started reading this book this year and I love every line in every panel -- penciled or written. Issue #36, modestly titled GOTTERDAMMERAGNAHABHARATA, dropped in August and was as good as the 35 before it and, I hope, the one left?

7. Batman, Inc. Omitted...uh, cause? I dunno. This is still fun as Morrison winds down his big Batman story. It's typical Morrisonia in that it's big dumb fun masquerading as smart fun...but fun is fun, right? And there's enough meet on the bone to enjoy.

6. Batman. Scott Snyder churns out taut plots and cool Batman action like no one else writing this character for, like, 20 years. There isn't a lot going on above the level of plot, but that's ok.

5. Manhattan Projects. Now THIS is big, smart fun -- Jonathan Hickman doing Warren Ellis doing alternate history/conspiracy mashups. The first issue is titled "Infinite Oppenheimers" and it only gets better from there.

4. Fantastic Four/FF. Hickman again, but this is just a genuinely heartwarming conclusion to one of the best arcs ever of my favorite superhero comic. At the end of this arc I felt a little like Abed from Community -- "Does [genre-defining event] ever happen?" "Yes, but only when it's been...eeeeaaaaaarrrrnnnneeeedddd!"

3. Batwoman. Have I mentioned that J.H. Williams III can draw a little?

2. Saga. What can I say that's new or original about this comic? This is Star Wars if Star Wars was a comic book writer for twentysomethings by a thirtysomething? This is the most talented blockbuster writer in comics saying "aw, fuck it" to every weird-ass idea that crosses his mind, and a brilliant artist executing panel after panel?

1. Casanova: Avarita. This counts as an ongoing, because mini is just the format -- there's like 16 more issues planned. Gabriel Ba is pretty much the best in the business, this side of Los Bros. Fraction is seriously uneven, but this project is his baby, and you can really tell. If you haven't tried it, it's kind of Jerry Cornelius meets Jim Steranko with a healthy side order of existential dread. This arc, focusing on the villain, Newman Xeno, is the best so far.