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Comcast people....Help!!! - I made the switch from by seano

DirecTV, ATT, DSL to a Comcast Triple Play package. Installation went well. Phone number was ported, internet worked, and whole home DVR was installed. I was pleasantly surprised with the installation Tech and his customer service was great.

Did a speed test on the internet, and it's 10X faster than the DSL I had. Beautiful. Tested the phone and it worked fine (my wife insists on having a phone line in the house). And, then I went to the TV...

WTF is up with the guide. Holy hell, that thing is a mess. I have ESPN, then 20 miscellaneous channels, than ESPN 2 then 8 more channels of other stuff and then ESPN News. It has to be the most disorganized thing I've ever seen. Plus the interface itself looks like something from the early 90's.

Is this going to change at some point in time?

Also, HD looks great except on the local HD channels. Does anyone know why that would be happening?

I have 30 days to decide. The guide is terrible, the pricing is great for everything I'm getting. DTV was getting really expensive and they just didn't seem too interested in keeping my business.