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Book recommendation: The Day of Battle by mkovac

I am listening to the audio book of "The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944" by Mark Atkinson and am learning about the Allied invasion of Sicily.

It's frightening. The horrible seas that our grandfathers had to deal with, the friendly fire, the horrible crashes of the Horsa gliders, the arrogant demands of General Montgomery, and the difficulties that Patton had with Sir Bernard.

For anyone who wants to learn more about the liberation of Sicily, you may want to go to your local library (or bookstore) and check out this well-written work of non-fiction.

Darby's Rangers earns accolades and you also are introduced to a young Audie Murphy, who I met at my parents' home when he was campaigning for Pat Brown in his first election as California governor.

Praise is given for British general Harold Alexander, who was as smooth as Bernard Montgomery was rough around the edges. It was Alexander who turned Patton loose after Monty shouldered Patton aside and tried unsuccessfully to take Messina, but was stopped by the Germans defending the slopes of Mt Etna. The Germans, with their backs to the wall, had the high ground and decimated the British 8th Army. Patton slid around Monty and took Messina, much to Monty's surprise, wounding the peripatetic Montgomery's overweening self-confidence and bantam-rooster pride.,_1st_Earl_Alexander_of_Tunis