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Pre-New Years Movie Quiz by Otter

1) Whose best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend knows this guy who heard it from this kid that Ferris passed out at 31 flavors last night?

2) Who is the Earl of Funk, Duke of Cool and Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla?

3) Who was crazy insane for this little 8th grade (girl) even though she kneed him in the family jewels in front of his friends?

4) What do lava lizards breathe out of?

5) Who successfully defended his convenience store from armed robbery using a pot of coffee? (First and last name please)

6) Who is Grandma's business partner?

7) What movie character is pretty sure you're suspect if you don't offer him a cash retainer?

8) In what movie did the mailman end up with his head in a pizza oven?

9) What popular movie begins with the star of a hit 70s show reading to the star of a hit 80s show?

10) What character told his brother that everyone blamed him for the debacle at his nuptuals?