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I have had one for several years. by lambconnection

Most of the time I keep my Glock 19 (9mm 15+1) in my truck where it is easily accessible.

When I feel the need I may carry it, though it is difficult to conceal without a coat. When I do carry it, I use a Minotaur holster made by Comp-Tac. It's a little expensive but very comfortable for IWB (Inside Waist Band) carry because it's leather on one side and kydex on the other.

I also have a Kahr Arms CW9 (9mm 7+1) that is thinner and smaller. It can be more easily concealed under just a shirt. I use a kydex trigger guard made by Raven Arms that comes with a parachute cord and carabiner to allow it to be attached to a belt loop. This allows you to safely carry it tucked in your waistband ("Mexican" style) with the trigger fully covered. When you draw, the carabiner catches on the belt loop, pulls the parachute cord, and pops the kydex trigger guard off.

I also own a Kimber Custom TLE II (.45 ACP 1911) that I love to shoot but I find too large for concealed carry.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I have included my email if you would prefer to talk offline.