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If I don't like it, you're usually not going to know it. by Mr.Natural

I try pretty hard not to slag anybody - I have a hard enough time keeping up with all the shit I really, really like.

On this topic, it's probably worth reading Nick Hornby's piece on "cultural snobbery". I've linked a little excerpt, to read more you can probably google it.

Although, since you asked, I don't really like Mumford or the Avetts or that other group you mentioned. I've given them all a listen but there's just no "click" or connection with me.

I generally find that either I like the lead vocalist or I'm going to have a hard time "getting into" a band.

I would probably really like the kids in Mumford and Sons and I am very happy to see some hard-working musicians have success with what they are doing. That's one reason I don't want to write negative reviews on my blog.

However, if you write about music for a living, there is probably some sense of getting bored with stuff as it gains wider acceptance. And then there is the backlash.

In a sense it is not dissimilar to the Notre Dame football media cycle.

"Mumford And Sons sold their souls for musical glory" - is that about where we are now? I suppose next we'll see bits about members of Mumford and Sons dating starlets and doing drugs, then down and out... and all along the way, the Rick Reillys of the music press will be taking perverse pleasure in Mumford's misfortune. Because people keep reading that crap.