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That's pretty good. Our full contingent on my dad's side... by kbyrnes

...starting from my grandparent's level:

3 children (my dad and his two surviving sibs, out of 7 kids total)
20 surviving grandchildren (out of 25 total grandchildren)
62 surviving great-grandchildren (out of 63 total great-grandchildren)
6 great-greatgrandchildren
25 spouses (surviving out of 29 total)

We have a family bash every summer near Michigan City--everyone can't always show up, but it's still quite a crowd. Back in the 60's we used to go to the Holiday Inn-Gary East for what is still recalled as the "Loony Picnic." A fun madhouse! Hope you guys had a blast--with 32 grandkids, in the next 20 years or so you'll have a further population explosion.